The Hopewell Approach

The Hopewell Approach helps you break free from an “all-or-nothing” mindset and learn how to establish sustainable, consistent nutritional habits - enter the PEC Plate and 2-Mac-Snack frameworks!! 

Unlike other methods that only focus on short-term results and fail to plan for future success, I created The Hopewell Approach to be the only nutrition coaching you’ll ever need to achieve your goals. Let’s freaking do this.

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My goodness, I’m excited you’re here and so honored you want to know about The Hopewell Approach. I’m proud - very proud - of this method and the potential it has to permanently impact your life. But I’ll go ahead and let you know right up front: The Approach isn’t magic, isn’t a quick fix, isn’t effortless. The Approach won’t work unless you do.

I bet you didn’t click this link for even more arbitrary nutritional rules. You might already have a pretty decent knowledge base of what’s “healthy” and what’s not, or you may even have even hired another nutrition coach before!

No...I bet you’re here because there’s that little nagging thought in the back of your mind:

Is there something I’m missing? Is what I’m doing really the best method out there? Why do I feel like I'm putting in so much effort but still not seeing results?

That feeling that you should be more satisfied with your nutrition & your results but you just....aren't.

Do you want to know beyond the shadow of a doubt your nutritional approach is serving your highest potential?

Do you want to have the utmost confidence in the fact that what you’re doing is, in fact, the best thing for your health and will actually produce results?

Do you want to eat like a normal person and be able to “enjoy the moment,” but still know the decisions you’re making are aligned with your goals?

Let me help you get there.


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“WOW. I am still so blown away by The Hopewell Approach weeks after its completion. When I reflect back on my experience, the very real mental shift that took place surrounding food and food choices is what first comes to mind."

“I have learned SO much in this program!! I have learned to not fear food, to not view food as good/bad. I have learned that I CAN have “that food” if I truly want it. I have learned how to distinguish between cravings and hunger cues."

"I lost a total of 11lbs during The Approach by making sure that I made my meals PEC Plates and snacks 2-mac-snacks. Also, I’m not starving myself. The best part is that I haven’t gained it back and have started to see some muscle!!! Oh yes! And the energy I have is crazy!! Thank you Hope!!!”

this is the hopewell approach

Gives you the nutritional knowledge and confidence you need to make decisions aligned with your personal goals and stop questioning the process.

Helps you break free from an “all-or-nothing” mindset and learn how to establish sustainable, consistent habits that will work for you all the time (including weekends and holidays!!!), not just during the week.

Transforms the way you view the pursuit of health, finally producing the results you thought could only come from drastically cutting calories or strict protocols.


Unlike other coaching programs that solely focus on the short-term and perpetuate restrictive behavior, The Hopewell Approach is designed to be the only nutrition coaching method you’ll ever need to achieve your goals. We keep our eyes on the long-term prize here.

My vision for your investment  here? One and done. 


Starting at $235/month

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Transforms the way you view the pursuit of health, finally producing the results you thought could only come from drastically cutting calories or strict protocols.

• How to use nutritional decision making to achieve Comprehensive Health by balancing physical, mental and spiritual health.
• How to reframe negative body-image thoughts.
• How to set realistic, achievable expectations for your nutrition.
• How to kill the restrictive mindset around food and find satisfaction in your nutrition.
• How to make conscious nutritional choices aligned with your personal goals.
• How macro and micronutrients affect your physiology, performance and body composition.

• How to choose the most efficient protein, fat and carbohydrate sources based on your health and aesthetic goals.
• How the food you eat affects your brain.
• How to handle cravings.
• How your metabolism actually works and how to optimize its function.
• How to cultivate nutritional habits that are doable and effective for long-term health.
• How to achieve your aesthetic and performance goals while still being able to enjoy food.
• How to utilize the PEC Plate and 2-Mac-Snack frameworks to create sustainable structure in your diet.

When you commit to The Hopwell Approach, you’ll learn:

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, I won’t lie, it is pretty good. The results of this coaching method can be literally life-changing. But good things come to those who work.

Here are the not-so-secret secrets to the success of this method: effort and introspection. This is how you take ownership of your nutrition, and this is why The Hopewell Approach ain’t yo momma’s diet plan: it’s gonna get personal up in here.

I will never tell you that it’s going to be easy; on the contrary, I’ll tell you this will take commitment, self-reflection, tenacity and grace - but (and I know this for a fact), you can do this.

I know you can do this because there is literally no way to fail here, unless you just give up.

And if you’ve made it this far, I know you aren’t a quitter.

So, let’s get started. It’s time to take ownership of your nutrition.







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